Inside the Famous Greenbrier Resort...

In anticipation of American Classic Tours upcoming trip to the Greenbrier Resort, we want to take you inside this world famous resort. 

The folks who run the Greenbrier like to refer to their opulent resort as America's Resort. For a country as expansive as America--home to 300 million people and tens of thousands of resorts--calling yourself the America's Resort is quite a bold claim. 

However, the Greenbrier is only one of a few resorts in America that can actually back up such a claim. No other resort in America can match the Greenbrier's storied history, luxurious atmosphere, and national prominence.

The Backdrop

Nestled cozily in West Virginia's beautiful Appalachian Mountains, the Greenbrier Resort has pampered guests since it was opened in 1778. Lush, mountainous plant life, beautiful gardens, and a premier golf course form an endless sea of green that encompasses the entire resort. 

Fine Dining, Luxurious Lounges & Bars

Not many resorts include a whopping 6 full time restaurants, 3 seasonal cafes, and 5 bars! Stop by Prime 44 Westthe Greenbrier's steakhouse, for a classic, upscale dinner. In-Fusion, a light night dinner favorite in the heart of the Greenbrier's Casino Club, serves sampling platters of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai specialty cuisines. If you cannot muster up the energy to leave comfort of your Greenbrier suite, order a pizza to be delivered to your room from the Greenbrier's Pizza Shoppe. Below is a slideshow of the available restaurants, cafes and bars within the Greenbrier. 

A World-Class Spa

In its early days (the late 18th and early 19th century), wealthy Americans traveled to West Virginia to enjoy the sulfur water spring at the Greenbrier. Today, people from across the world enjoy the Greenbrier's world-renowned mineral spa. This massive spa (40,000 sq. feet) offers sumptuous whirlpool baths and revitalizing steam rooms and saunas. Make sure to soak up the healing properties of the Greenbrier's native sulphur spring waters.


When you mix high-rolling stakes, classic style, southern charm and a top-tier gaming experience, you get the Greenbrier casino. This one-of-a-kind, 103,000 square ft. casino is home to live entertainment, fine dining, and elegant shops. 

Greenbrier Casino.PNG

A Storied History

In 1778 the Greenbrier Resort hosted its first guests--a group of rugged travelers who had journeyed to the White Sulphur Spring in order to restore their health. The Greenbrier quickly became popular among politicians, judges, politicians, editors, lawyers, southern plantation owners and other members of high-society, especially among the southern states. During the first half of the 19th century the Greenbrier was nothing more than a nice "village in the wilderness," that offered an escape from the intense summer heat & humidity because of its high elevation. Over time the Greenbrier gradually became a national hub for upper-class vacationers from across the country. 

Unrivaled National Prominence

The Greenbrier has been visited by thousands of celebrities, prominent politicians and athletes over its 238-year history. 26 of America's 44 Presidents have stayed at the Grand Hotel. In 2010, Jennifer Garner, Charles Barkley, Brooke Shields, Lionel Ritchie, Jessica Simpson, and Shaq all stayed at the Greenbrier...on the same night. Celebrities flock to the Greenbrier, so for all you wannabe paparazzi out there, be sure to keep your eyes peeled when you visit the Greenbrier. 


Play on a course that has hosted golf legends Ben Hogan, Gary Player, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Tom Watson, Seve Ballesteros, Tiger Woods, and Phil Mickelson. The Greenbrier's Old White TPC golf course is home to the The Greenbrier Classic PGA Tour event. The Old White TPC is oldest course actively being used to host a PGA Tour event.

All photos used in this blog post are courtesy of the Greenbrier Resort