You Won't Believe That This Travel Destination Is In The Midwest...

(Banner Image Courtesy of Craig Blacklock)

*In a couple of months American Classic Tours will travel to the Rocky Coast of Lake Superior. In anticipation of our upcoming trip we wanted to highlight what makes the coast of Lake Superior so special.

Every fall American Classic Tours travels to the North Shore of Lake Superior, driving along one of the most beautiful routes in all of North America. This scenic drive is a paved line between rugged boreal forests aglow with brilliant fall foliage and the rocky lake shoreline. Northern Minnesota is home to some of America's most unspoiled lands. Filled with dramatic coastal cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and the Superior National Forests, the North Shore of Lake Superior makes for an awesome 5-6 day trip. 

7 Things To See 

Along with the awe-inspiring scenic drive along the coast, there are a number of things to you definitely want to see on your trip to Lake Superior's North Shore. 

1. Goosebury Falls sTate ParK & Grand Portage State Park Waterfalls 

Home to wondrous waterfalls, the river gorge, and north woods wildlife, Goosebury Falls is a must-see. Sit back and listen to the roar of the water as it gushes from the Gooseberry River through the river gorge. 

Gooseberry Falls Explore Minnesota Tourism

Gooseberry Falls Explore Minnesota Tourism

Grand Portage Waterfalls

Grand Portage Waterfalls

2. The Gleensheen Mansion

The Gleensheen Mansion is an architectural masterpiece in Duluth, Minnesota. This 39-room mansion was built by Chester Congdon, a pioneer in Duluth's steel industry, between 1905 and 1908. Congdon is remembered not only for his mansion or his success in the steel industry, but also for his public generosity. Congdon ensured that land along the coast of Lake Superior was set aside so that it could be shared by the public. 

3. Lutsen Mountain Aerial Tram

Sitting high up in a gondola, hundreds of feet above the ground, you will see a bird's eye view of two tremendous sights. On one side you will overlook the endless, blue water of the Lake Superior. On the other side you will see the vast expanse of fall foliage stretching as far as the eye can see. The Lutsen Mountain Aerial Tram is a vital component of any trip to Lake Superior.

Photo Courtesy of  Eagle Ridge Resort

Photo Courtesy of Eagle Ridge Resort

4. Split Rock Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse is one of the most beautiful scenes America has to offer. Every time I visit the Split Rock Lighthouse I make sure to snap a photo from the shoreline about a quarter of a mile from the lighthouse (pictured below on the left). Perched on top of a gigantic rocky cliff, Split Rock Lighthouse creates a scene that seems too good to be true. Fun fact: Split Rock Lighthouse made an appearance in the 2013 film Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Photo Courtesy of Explore Minnesota Tourism

Photo Courtesy of Explore Minnesota Tourism

5. Wildlife

Northern Minnesota is filled with some amazing wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for Moose, Black Bears, Bobcats, Wolves, Cougars, Bald Eagles, Great Gray Owls, Cougars, and Red Foxes.

6. The Apostle Islands Cruise

As you travel down along Lake Superior into Northern Wisconsin, you will hit the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Composed of 21 islands and 12 miles of mainland coast, the Apostle Islands include some of best scenes of Lake Superior. Make sure you take a day cruise in to see these beautiful islands up close and personal.

Photo Courtesy of Craig Blacklock

Photo Courtesy of Craig Blacklock

7. The Beautiful Rocky Coast

The pictures speak for themselves...


(Photos Courtesy of Explore Minnesota Tourism)