Episode #5: JD Conroy's Top Place to Visit in 2019...

Cool off next summer with a visit to America’s Pacific Northwest featuring Washington, Oregon and northern California. Mountain vistas, scenic river gorges, cascading waterfalls, giant redwood forests and the Pacific Ocean coastline await you on this magnificent trip. Visit Seattle, Portland and San Francisco.

See Full Pacific Northwest Brochure:

Episode #2: Is This Hidden Travel Gem the Most Beautiful Place in America?

When you think of North America's most iconic travel destinations, what first comes to mind? Florida's white-sand beaches? Yellowstone National Park? Highway 1 and California's Golden Coast? Hawaii? Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard? One of the great American metropolises--New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago? Perhaps, a charming historical destination such as Quebec or New Orleans? 

If you are like most people, the Southwest National Parks are probably not the first destination that comes to mind. For whatever reason, the Southwest National Parks are often lost in the conversation of premier, American travel destinations. But to the people that have seen the splendor of the red-rock mountains, winding canyons, and rugged terrain of the Ole' Wild West, the National Parks of the Southwest are simply unforgettable.

Episode #1: Canadian Rockies

join us on our canadian rockies tour!

June 15 - 24, 2019

All aboard the Rocky Mountaineer Train for the experience of a lifetime on the ‘most spectacular train trip in the world!”  As you ride in comfort, be pampered by Rocky Mountaineer’s Gold Leaf Service featuring the Bi-level Glass Dome Coach for panoramic viewing, hot gourmet breakfasts and lunches created by Executive Chefs, morning scones and afternoon wine & cheese, and exclusive outdoor viewing platform revealing a non-stop parade of glorious living postcards. The mountain scenery with glacial lakes and dramatic waterfalls is as pristine as it gets!