Who We Are...

We are American Classic Tours, Inc., a tour operator located in Grayslake, IL.  We design and operate our own signature first class quality tours throughout the United States and Canada. Our very name - American Classic Tours – tells who we are.


Our niche and our expertise lies between two great oceans – North America. The sheer vastness of our continent offers an endless array of scenery, climate and culture. Our destinations range in length from 3 to 11 days exclusively within North America.



 An American Classic Tour is like a classic painting or novel which has all the elements to make it a true masterpiece. Integrating history, art, architecture, nature, cuisine, agriculture, industry and entertainment into a tour provides a fascinating and creative way to examine our American thought and culture. So when you return home from an American Classic Tour, you will remember it as a classic!


 We believe in offering you only the best in travel - and it all begins with our dedicated tour designers. They are the best in the business. Pride in their craft infuses care, creativity and attention to detail into unique, well-paced itineraries. Every American Classic Tour is custom-designed, not a mass produced, bland, cookie cutter experience. Exceptional hotels, superb cuisine and magnificent attractions are hallmarks of our first class quality tours.

What We Do...


Hours of time and years of expertise go into planning every single American Classic Tour. Our team is committed to taking care of every little detail of your trip. Every destination, hotel, attraction, and restaurant are pre-scouted by one of our expert tour designers to ensure consistent quality in all aspects of your trip. 


Every component of your trip is booked for you. Our trip design team books everything from hotels, flights and motorcoach transportation, attractions, entertainment, and travel insurance. We make sure to calculate and include all tax and tips into our single, all-inclusive price. 


Before, during, and after your trip our team is here to support you on your journey. Our trip specialists will answer any questions you have about a particular destination, and they will account for any special accommodations you may need on your vacation. When you are ready to leave, our escorts will guide you on your journey.


All American Classic Tours feature the professional services of an experienced tour director. Our tour directors work hard, enjoy people and are always accessible.  Caring and compassionate yet responsible and dependable, an American Classic Tour Director is a special person who will go the extra mile to ensure a memorable tour experience.

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We invite you to explore our website to get to know us a little better. We know you will love the quality and style of an American Classic Tour, and hope you will join us in the future. We have a seat waiting for you!



Joe Conroy                                                                                   Founder & President of American Classic Tours, Inc.