Think You’ve Seen It All? How About North Dakota?

Why you should take a trip to North Dakota

So you’re an experienced traveler. You have visited the Statue of Liberty, the White House, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the rest of America’s top attractions. You have seen the beauty of Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, the Grand Canyon, and the rest of America’s National Parks.  You have stepped foot in, what seems like, almost every state. But, have you gone on vacation to North Dakota?

Well, seeing as how North Dakota is America’s least visited State, I would not be surprised if your answer is no.

Unlike its southern neighbor South Dakota, home of the Badlands National Park and Mount Rushmore, North Dakota does not have any mainstream tourist attractions. Despite its large size geographically and its growing economy, North Dakota remains one of least populated states in America. However, contrary to conventional wisdom, North Dakota is one of the most interesting places to visit in America—especially for someone who thinks they have seen it all.

Home to boomtowns, rodeos, and Indian Powwows, North Dakota is truly America’s last frontier. Here are 5 things you must see when you visit North Dakota:


The United Tribes International Pow Wow

Every year on the second weekend in September Bismarck, North Dakota is host to over 70 tribes and 1,500 drummers and dancers. The International Indian Pow Wow is a one-of-a-kind cultural event.


Teddy Roosevelt National Park

Often referred to as the “Northern Badlands,” Teddy Roosevelt National Park is home to North Dakota’s most beautiful scenery. Located on the far west side of the State near the town of Medora, Teddy’s National Park is home to beautiful canyons, bison, and wild horses.

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The Medora Musical, Pitchfork Steak Fondue, and Hot Air Balloon Festival

The best place to stay while you visit the Teddy Roosevelt National Park is the historic Rough Riders Hotel in Medora. Enjoy the local favorite Pitch Fork Steak Fondue Dinner, where you can watch "Cowboy Chefs" stuff your steak onto a pitchfork to be grilled over an open fire. Relive the days of the "Old Wild West" at the popular Medora Musical. Make sure to visit Medora during the final weekend of their summer calendar (typically in early or mid-September) for the finale of the Medora Musical and the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival.


The Lewis & Clark Riverboat

Retrace Lewis & Clark's route to the West as you sail down the Missouri River. With beautiful estates owned by the richest residents of North Dakota located along the river and the gorgeous natural scenery, the Lewis & Clark Riverboat offers some of the most beautiful sites in North Dakota. Be sure to reserve a spot on the 8:00 PM cruise so that you can see the sunset along the river. 


The Enchanted Highway

Journey across the Enchanted Highway--a 32 mile stretch of highway across southwestern North Dakota which is home to a collection of the largest scrap metal structures in the world. See a giant metal fish, deer, or grasshopper sculpture (just to name a few) as you travel down the bizarrely beautiful highway.